SSC students demand equal marks and percentage as compared to ICSE students.

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We all know, the SSC students never got justice in their life. We always had to struggle when it comes to our marks. We don’t have any problem, grudges or any jealousy towards the ICSE Board.

As we know that recently the ICSE results came out and NOT A SINGLE student got below 70% or 65%.

Wanna know the reason?

Because their TOUGHEST exams including Science 1, Science 2, Maths 1 and Maths 2 got cancelled. On the other hand, we SSC students spent hours and days and months studying and understanding this subjects.

All we need is equal marks, percentage and majority just like ICSE students. We are not jealous the only thing is we are scared because the paper which got cancelled was the most scoring among any other paper.

I, on behalf of every SSC student among Maharashtra, demand for equality and equal justice.

By using my right to speech, I request our respected Chief Minister, Shri. Uddhav Thackerayji to take some necessary measures for the youth of India, for the youth of Maharashtra.

Jai Maharashtra.