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1) Judges in the Judiciary System of Western Australia are not honest in their dealings with litigants before them.
2) Judges practice cronyism or corruption in favour of their friends.
3) The Government of WA does not take steps to eliminate corruption in the Judiciary.
4) The Regulator of the Legal Profession practises prosecutorial misconduct in allowing lawyers to regulate themselves instead of regulating resulting in inequality of lawyers.
4) Google my Blogspot at "nicholasnchin" to find proofs of the regulator and judiciary taking away lawyer independence.
5) Lawyer Independence is sine qua non of Judiciary Independence.
6) Judicial corruption is widespread in every state in Australia. A lawyer of 22 years experience is having the same problem with the regulator in Victoria. See the site at:

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  • The Premier of Western Australia
    The Executive Branch of WA Government
  • The Hon. Chief Jusice Wayne Stewart Martin
    Wayne Martin
  • The Commissioner of the Crime Corruption Commission of WA
    Mr. Roger Macknay, QC
  • Attorney General of Western Australia
    The Hon. Christian Porter MLA

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