Stand down Deputy CEO of Chapman Valley Shire after blatant disregard for the WA Dog Act

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On Wednesday afternoon the 21st October 2020 my sister’s 15-month-old American Staffy, Zeph, crossed into her neighbour’s property while her neighbour was throwing a ball for her dog. Upon calling him back and assisting him through the wire fence the neighbours Kelpie came up from behind and attacked his rear legs. Zeph then turned around to defend himself and fought back. As soon as my sister was able to separate the dogs on her own she got inside her house to call the local ranger. Unfortunately her neighbour, who did not assist to control her own dog but rather abuse my sister in front of her 5 year old son, had already got on the phone first. My sister was informed that the ranger of Chapman Valley Shire would visit her 9am the following day.

On Thursday morning at 9am the ranger, Earl O’Donnell, went to her neighbours house. He was next door for around 30 minutes before he came to my sisters, and without investigating her side of the story, took Zeph from their home. The ranger said that he would not be destroyed and mentioned rehoming him. My sister was a mess as her loved family pet was taken so unfairly. He was the most beautiful, loving boof you would have ever met, and was adored by the entire family. We were aware that while my sister lived next door to this lady she was always going find a way to try cause them grief. They have had numerous encounters with her in the past, from her Kelpie killing their pet chicken a year ago and continuously scavenging through her bins, to her Kelpie being aggressive to her children through the fence.

As soon as the ranger took Zeph I began arranging with a friend of a Perth dog rescue, that regularly rescues dogs from the Geraldton area, to take on her pup and already had an immediate home for him. As much as I wanted my sister to have Zeph home, I felt slightly relieved to let her know that if he were to be rehomed, he would be going somewhere he would be loved just as he was with them. But when I called my sister at 12:30pm, only 3 hours after he was taken, she answered bawling her eyes after just being informed by Simon Lancaster, the Deputy CEO of the Shire of Chapman Valley that her dog Zeph had been destroyed. There was no warning or notice of him being put down. There was no opportunity for them to say goodbye. He was not classified or declared a dangerous dog. No protocols that are put in place by law of the WA Dog Act were followed.

My sister’s partner returned home from his FIFO swing on Friday evening and had arranged Zeph be returned back to their premises Saturday so they were able to bury him at his home. When the DCEO and the ranger arrived they asked for answers as to why Simon gave authority for Zeph to be destroyed by Earl. Both men said nothing while they got back in their car and drove off. It was then they have discovered that Zeph was not euthanised but had been shot after being taken back to the Nabawa pound.

We are seeking justice for Zeph as the actions made by Simon Lancaster and Earl O’Donnell are unlawful. Please sign our petition to have Simon Lancaster stood down as Deputy CEO of the Shire of Chapman Valley due to misconduct of the law. This is animal cruelty and should not be ignored!