Fire Cider is a traditional name for a blend of herbs used by thousands of herbalists worldwide. The name was coined and copyrighted by Rosemary Gladstar in her books. Trademarking this name is like trademarking the word "pizza".

Letter to
Shire City Herbals
United States Patent and Trademark Office
Fire Cider is a term that has been used by herbalists since the 1970's. This term was originally introduced by Rosemary Gladstar in her copyrighted and published books, blogs and you tube videos. This term is actually Rosemary's intellectual property. Since the introduction, Rosemary has freely shared her recipe with tens of thousands of herbalists. This recipe is sold, reproduced, modified and shared freely. This name has become a household name for a blend of herbs historically used to prevent and support the body during times of colds and flu. Trademarking this term is like trademarking the word pizza! The company trademarking the term is not the only maker of this recipe, did not come up with the name fire cider, and will never be the only one selling it. This is a cultural, historical term that should not be trademarked. Thanks for your time.

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