Petition Facebook to integrate age-verification and stop banning women and sex-workers.

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For years, Facebook has been a primary means of promotion for small-businesses. However, if you’re a woman who is comfortable with her body or sex-worker, you are very likely to be banned without any means of refuting the reported content, even if it was properly censored. Facebook constantly takes a stand for equality for women, however, only certain women. Sheryl Sandberg, head of operations for Facebook has been a cornerstone of this equality movement, and it is high time Facebook enacts age-verification policies and protections for women who work in the sex industry. Imagine owning a small business where most of your promotion is done via the Facebook network. Now imagine waking up one morning to find that your page is gone and you’re blocked from even posting to your followers what has happened. This is a constant reality for sex workers and women who dare show a bit too much skin. It seems as though Facebook would rather sweep this issue under the rug by banning them and using algorithms (or bots) to hunt pages like this down. What we hope to do with this petition is to:

1. Have Facebook enact age verification services for content that may not be appropriate for people under 18 years of age (they already have this for violent or gory videos) they simply need to allow pages to require age verification to view. 

2. Change the ‘Ban First’ policy where anyone who dislikes your content can get it taken down due to lack of oversight on if the reported content is actually violating Facebook’s Community Standards.