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More than 9,000 Cottonwood Municipal Water Utility (CMWU) customers demand state legislators and lawmakers investigate the alleged City of Cottonwood's wrongdoings--after they incurred millions of dollars of nonvoter-authorized bond debts and are forcing City water bill payers to repay all of their debts inside and outside city limits over 30 years--which the City failed to disclose on their water bills. City water customers contend they have been unlawfully charged for approx. $23 million on their water bills since 2004 for bond debt fees/charges, and since 2004, their water bills INCREASED BY 400%-to-507% due to millions of dollars in UNDISCLOSED bond debt fees and surcharges the City failed to disclose on their water bills.  The City of Cottonwood, without voter authorization pursuant to state laws, condemned/bought four private water companies which they had no voter authorization to buy -- pursuant to state laws -- both inside and outside city boundaries in 2004 and 2006. After the City condemned the Verde Santa Fe and Verde Village outside private water companies, out-of-city water ratepayers are outraged because they lost their State regulatory rate protection from the ACC, are unable to vote in city elections and are without representation, and outraged they are being forced to pay indiscriminately higher cost for water than City customers.  Outside ratepayers must pay more than 30% higher water rates than city ratepayers which equates to county residents being forced to approx. 66.34% of the City's bond debt fees and surcharges on their monthly water bills or have their tap turned off.


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