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                              Our Sister DeeAnn Fitzpatrick

                   “Be the Change you wish to see in the World"

                 "STOP Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace.”


        The picture is horrific and despicable and sadly true. 

The picture of a woman, our sister, bound and gagged at the hands of her coworkers in order to keep her silenced because she was a "Whistleblower" in Marine Scotland.   What you are viewing is not fake, nor did our sister willfully participate in "office banter" as one of the men, Jody Paske told Mark Daly, an investigations correspondent with the BBC.  For over a decade, abuse was reported by our sister, DeeAnn, who worked as a Fishery Officer with Marine Scotland Compliance. 

DeeAnn Fitzpatrick, a Canadian National, from Bell Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, found her dream job after coming to the UK from Canada but soon discovered that she would spend most of her career being subject to racism, misogyny, sexual and bullying behaviour by some of her male work colleagues. 

Since May 24, 2018 when the picture was first released to the world to see the horrific treatment our sister has endured, DeeAnn has been denied a meeting with the first minister to tell her story.  She has not been included or involved in the “investigation” that the First Minister ordered back in May 2018.  We feel that DeeAnn, as she is the woman that has endured all of this deserves better, and deserves a meeting with the First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon. So she can hear DeeAnn’s story first hand and not the one sided investigation that seems to be happening.   We knew that a fight against the government would be difficult but we will not stop until the First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon speaks to our sister and hears it from her.  She should be able to have this at the very least to save some of her dignity.

Even recently within the last 2 weeks, the Human Resources Department within Marine Scotland had asked DeeAnn to retract her statement she made through social media that they were going to discipline her while she was at her father’s dying bedside.  We immediately advised the department that our family will never retract any statements made to the public because we have nothing to hide and have the evidence that will show that they were going to discipline DeeAnn even though she properly advised her immediate supervisors of the sudden sickness and eventual passing of her father. 

DeeAnn is loved by many and treasured by her two brothers Darrin and Darryl.  As a young woman she made Scotland her home 25 years ago.  Since the picture was published DeeAnn has the loving support from people all around the world.  She has been sent thousands of messages telling her to remain strong and that they support her.  Mayor Gary Gosine of Bell Island has sent DeeAnn messages of support to let her know that he and the people of Bell Island are behind her 100%.  The Canadian Consulate in London, England has reached out to DeeAnn to offer support and we, her family, have made it our mission that they do not and will never treat our sister in this manner again and those that done this to her will be held accountable even if its our last dying breath.

What you haven't heard on social media is the reason why we are fighting the Scottish Government and Marine Scotland.  Now it's time to tell you why this has gotten to this point.  Eight years ago, DeeAnn stood up for a female colleague at work when a male colleague attempted to punch the fishery assistant in the back of the head.  Even though he missed the senior officer said if you are going to hit her then make sure it's a good one!  Surely someone should speak up for this behaviour and of course our caring sister spoke up.  DeeAnn became the "Whistleblower" and she was denied the protection by her workplace.  The Scottish Government has a policy to protect whistleblowers within their agencies and they failed DeeAnn by not protecting her 8 years ago when she came forward for speaking up to help a fellow co-worker.  Since reporting it 8 years ago, Marine Scotland has treated our sister with disrespect and what's even better, the men involved even  the male colleague who was found guilty and is still employed by Marine Scotland Compliance to this day and our sister is not allowed to go to work!!

To make sure that DeeAnn did not speak out anymore, two of her male colleagues, Reid Anderson and Jody Paske, both witnessed the criminal act of violence against the female fishery assistant.  Reid Anderson and Jody Paske then restrained DeeAnn to a chair with physical force and tape to keep her quiet.  They silenced DeeAnn by placing tape over her mouth to terrorize her into a world of silence.  But no more, her family will be her voice and she will not be terrorized ever again by this horrific treatment of an individual. 

Then as a precautionary measure the male senior management team along with the Operations Superintendent drew up a plan.   An email exchange made public throughout Marine Scotland by the Operations Superintendent and members of the HR team in October 2011 was discovered.  The email exchange remained on the Operations Superintendent’s calendar for all employee’s within Marine Scotland to read for a period of about 6 months, enough time for hundreds of employees to see the despicable behaviour of "supposedly" senior managers and human resources departments at the time.  The Operations Superintendent outlined his ludicrous strategies to find ways to discipline, prove untrustworthy and then dismiss DeeAnn.  A strategy that they still are using to this day because DeeAnn spoke out about inappropriate behaviour within the workplace.  Even one strategy being, to put DeeAnn in a room alone with the bully of the office and then she would definitely quit and she wouldn’t be a problem for them any longer! It's disgraceful and it's time for the world to hear it, if her employer do not want to listen.

They laughed at her for being ill.  They mocked her for having a miscarriage.  They disbelieved her when her mother and father were laying on their death beds.  They bullied and terrorized her not only at work but at her "safe place", her home.  They have ostracized her at her workplace and demonstrated to other workers that if you speak out this is what will happen to you.  They told her to learn how to speak properly because she is a Canadian.  They told her that she was not wanted because she is a woman and that all women are whores. 

Her line managers refer to her as borderline manic and said she has mental health issues.  But how would they know any of this information as they are not professionally qualified to make those conclusions on our sister's well being. They micromanaged her and used every work opportunity to discredit her.  They warned others to stay away from her, don’t interact with her, don’t be seen to associate with her in order to isolate her and make her feel unwanted within Marine Scotland Compliance.  They offered her no support or guidance in her new role in hope that she would fail.  They pushed her to her limit until she contacted Dignitas in Switzerland, a non profit agency that assists those with suicide. And once this came to light for our family that we could have lost our sister over this horrific treatment, we were appalled. Being more determined than ever, even being 1000's of miles away, our voices will be heard.

We have heard in confidence, from many Marine Scotland employees who feel for DeeAnn and tell her that they wish they could speak up but with some of them still having 10-15 years remaining before retirement they are afraid to speak out because of the repercussions of doing so and losing their chance for retirement.  They don’t want their years left with Marine Scotland to be as horrific as it has been for our sister.

Let DeeAnn be heard by the First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, and help put a stop to the bullying and harassment within her workplace.  There are members of staff that have planned, contemplated, attempted and committed suicide.  Let’s make sure that no one else is put in the situation where they will feel like this because not only do they suffer, their family suffer also. 

Recent staff surveys have proven that bullying is a problem within the Scottish Government.  A more recent survey circulated within Marine Scotland exposed that management were known to make misogynistic comments, treat women differently and show lack of support to their staff. 

So “DEEANNSPEAKS” will be the beginning of offering support and encouragement to others to speak out about what they have gone through at work and to let them know that they are not alone.  Please First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, speak to our sister and hear her story, it will break your heart.

Sign out petition and send it around the world so our sister's story can be heard loud and clear.  STOP THE BULLYING NOW!

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