Justice for Sherrilyn McQueen (Kenyon)

Justice for Sherrilyn McQueen (Kenyon)

January 12, 2019
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Those that wronged her!
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Started by Nykyrian Licardi

Update: August 2, 2020


To Whom it may concern,

Sherrilyn Kenyon is a #1. NY times best selling author that has been going through a horrific divorce for 3 years now. She is being held in contempt of court by a judge that seems to be extremely biased and she could very possibly be forced to do jail time over something that is in our opinion extremely unjust!

Sherrilyn is an upstanding citizen who gives to charity whenever she can! She has never done anything unlawful, ever! She constantly goes above and beyond for strangers even while she is going through an extremely hard time herself. And we feel that this contempt of court order is extremely unfair to her. We feel that the judicial system in Tennessee is failing her and has been for quite some time!

She has multiple health issues and at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic is happening and convicted criminals are being released when they committed real crimes, it is simply bewildering that something so minuscule has a real possibility of putting a wonderful law abiding woman behind bars!

We ask you to please look into this matter right away! Please don't let her go to jail because the justice system is failing her. She truly doesn't deserve this!

Thank you for your time.


All of her very concerned friends and fans




To whom it may concern.

We the fans, (better known as Paladins) of Sherrilyn Kenyon are incredibly upset and stunned by the way Sherrilyn has been being treated by the judicial system of Tennessee. We don't feel she has been treated fairly at all or taken seriously by Judge Binkley, or her ex-husband's lawyers.

She should not have to give up the right to her own copyrights for books she has created and to her own business simply because she is going through a divorce. We don't feel that it's right for her to have to have permission from her ex-husband to change her own name either. She chose to change her name in the first place and didn't have to. Why can't she have the right to change it again? This is the 21st century we're living in.

We formally request her case be moved to another courthouse possibly out of Tennessee with a new Judge so she may be given a fair jury trial.

Thank you for your time.


Sherrilyn's Paladins.


The only way to explain this, is by the words written by the author goddess herself. This is taken right from her own post about what has been going on. We must stand together as fans, and support her in her work, and amazing worlds she has made. Show your support, share your stories, sign and let  Sherri know we've got her back.

This petition is to show those that wronged her, hurt her, that they will not get away with it. As you can see in her own words, her husband did horrible things, and we need to be there to show her that we understand. Books had to be pushed back due to this, and her husband trying to claim them as his own. They are not his. We thank everyone who is supporting and loving Sherri through this time, and will continue to share our stories of support. (And anger towards those that wronged her, if you want. We have that right too.) 

Do not use this to ask for money. Please do not give/donate anyone money that is asking for it in anyone's name on here. 

NOTE: This petition is made by a fan in support of Sherrilyn Kenyon. The author is in no way attached to this petition. It's fan made, fan commented, fan crazy! 

We love you Sherri!

#savetheleague #savedeadmanscross #savethedarkhunters 


In the author goddess' own words.


"I want to say how grateful I am for my Menyons and how much your support has always meant to me. It’s something I have never taken for granted and all of you are always near my heart and close to my thoughts. As you know, I have always considered my readers and fans as family. That is what makes today’s news so very hard for me to share and why I want all of you to know that it’s something I fought hard to prevent, but sadly I don’t always have the final say in things that have to do with my career and life.

Due to a number of events that are out of my hands and with the heaviest heart, I have to announce that Tor has decided to move several books this year, including At Death’s Door which will come out in the usual Dark-Hunter slot in September. Delaying the final Deadman’s Cross novel and moving the next Dark-Hunter title to 2020 was not something I wanted or had control over, and I know many fans will be greatly disappointed. Believe me, no one is more disappointed about this than I am, and since honesty, integrity, and transparency run thick in my DNA, I wanted to let all of you know what’s going on since there have been so many false rumors running loose lately. As many of you know, the last several years have been a very challenging and daunting time for me - both emotionally and physically.

There were so many great things that happened last year. We launched two wonderful books - Death Doesn’t Bargain and Stygian - to such great fan reception, making lists and news, and I spent a lot of 2018 on the road visiting with readers at major events and conventions across the U.S. Something I intend to do this year as well, and to go abroad to England, Australia and Portugal.

But it hasn’t all been sunshine and roses as I’m coping with the dissolution of my twenty-eight year marriage to a man I made the mistake of putting through law school by working three jobs so that he wouldn’t have to work any while he studied. A man who is now turning the skills I paid for against me as he ruthlessly lies about me and fights me for *MY* copyrights to characters, series and worlds that I had long before I ever met him (something he has admitted to on record time and again) and to books he knows he never helped to write or plot because he forbid me to even talk about my writing in front of him.

Books I finally sold after years of brutal rejections that you’ve all heard me talk about countless times in speeches, posts and workshops that he never refuted. Sales that came AFTER I was forced to steal a stamp from his wallet due to the fact that he was dead-set against my career choice because he had banned me from pursuing my dreams that I’ve had since my earliest childhood memories, another statement he never once denied.

Marriage should not give one person the right to steal a lifetime of work or the thoughts from another. Male or female. To lay claim to someone’s mind and to their creativity is wrong. Yet that is what he’s trying to do with the help of our court system. To enslave me to him for eternity so that he won’t have to work again for the rest of his life, even though he has a law degree I bought for him, and that he refuses to use, except to hurt me and our innocent children because he thinks he’s too good to work a job like the rest of us.

My story doesn’t end there.

Again, as many of you know, one of the reasons I had to cut back on my appearances and stop doing my annual fan convention a couple of years ago was that out of the blue I was viciously and painfully struck down by a bevy of strange, inexplicable and baffling symptoms. This past spring and summer, after new rounds of testing, my doctor finally learned the cause of it all:

Someone close to me was tainting my food. And yes, you heard that correctly. I have now filed a lawsuit over that and other deliberate actions taken by my husband and his helpmates he paid for with my hard-earned money.

Rest assured, I am much better today as my symptoms have dramatically improved since this past March when it all came to light and the authorities were notified. Thankfully, I continue to get better every day. To grow stronger with my boys around me. But I and the authorities are still trying to determine who all had a hand in doing this to me as a number of people who handled my food then are all gone, and to find out what, if any damage might be permanent from what I unknowingly ingested while they were around. But as you can imagine, dealing with all this is quite time consuming, as is regaining my health.

And while I am laying rumors to rest, there are more being fueled that I wish to address that have been stirred by the woman my husband hired to be my children’s tutor whom he then moved into our home against my will while I was at the height of my mystery “illness.” Many of you know her as the two of them inserted her very rudely into my world that she was trying to take over even while I was fighting for my life and doing my best to expel her from it: Kerrie Ann Plump who posted as Millie or KAP on some of my social media sites.

It has come to my attention through my fans that Kerrie, in spite of having signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement, is pretending to be “in the know” so that she can spread disinformation and false rumors about me, my children, my business and books, my divorce, and the outcome of my former lawsuit. For the record, the Cassandra Clare lawsuit was settled outside of court and was not dropped. A lawsuit my husband started because of his own personal agenda and greed; one that Kerrie and Lawrence worked on together, and seem determined to have reopened by their spurious and baiting comments they are recklessly making and that they need to stop as I will not be held responsible for their nefarious speech and/or schemes.

But Kerrie’s/Millie’s most disturbing attacks are the emails, letters and texts that she wrote and provided to innocent readers that she sought to use against me by goading them into sending her hate mail to my publishers and to post on social media and sites to disparage me and my work, which is what in part has led to my publisher pushing back the release dates of the upcoming books so that it harms all my fans and readers. Her egregious actions against my family have interfered with my former titles and series such as Intensity and Born of Blood and Chronicles of Nick, Silent Swans, Nevermore, and League.

It’s because of her unprovoked, incessant acts and words against me and my innocent children and my fear of what she might do in the future as she continued to grow bolder that I was finally forced to go to the court and take action against her, separate from my husband. I will never understand why people have to prey on children and insult them for no reason whatsoever, and it breaks my heart that she had to involve my fans, especially when the woman is a preacher and should know better. And she definitely knew what she was doing was wrong, which was why she told my readers to “mix it up” so that her provided syntax to them for their attacks against me couldn’t be traced back to her, or so she thought. Kerrie even went so far as to list times and days when it would be best for my fans to strike in unison against me.

Out of pure jealousy and spite, Kerrie willfully fostered hostility and fan disappointment toward me, spreading her poison as she sought to harm me and my children out of her own petty hatred because of her relationship with my husband. However, her actions have harmed the fans most of all because what she’s done and seems intent on continuing in spite of the law and human decency could very well be the end of the Dark-Hunters and the other series that the Menyons love so much; the very worlds that I have fought my whole life to publish.

To those brave souls who have come forward to send me and my staff your emails and posts from her, I cannot tell you how thankful I am that you saw the real me and that you weren’t taken in by the petty lies of such a dark, jealous entity. That while reading my books, you understood the real message of them and realized that I and my children are the innocent victims, and that she is the real transgressor in this. You were able to see my true heart and nature.

Thank you for your support as I heal physically and spiritually from the bitter betrayal over what has been done to my boys and me. As I keep telling my beautiful sons, together we will get through this and we will grow stronger. No one needs that kind of negativity in their lives and we’re so much better off without it.

Because my ex is after my copyrights that he is not entitled to and should have no right to given everything he’s done to me and my sons, I don’t have a date yet for Born of Blood. And because of Kerrie’s actions and his that have greatly interfered with my career, I don’t have one for the next Dark-Hunter book or Silent Swans, but as soon as I do, I will let everyone know.

Please be patient with me as I fight one of the hardest battles of my life against these monstrous liars who are trying their best to tear down my career and to take the things that do not belong to them. My copyrights are for my children, not the ex who wanted no part of my writing and who refused to do any of the work for them. And as I struggle to regain my health and life that I almost lost, because honestly given where my health was this time last year, I really didn’t think I’d be here today. I honestly thought by now we’d be planning my funeral.

I’m glad we’re not. In spite of the fact that I no longer believe in happy endings, I’m still trying desperately to believe that good will triumph over such dark evil. And that justice will eventually prevail. If not for me, then at least for my children who don’t deserve to have everything I’ve tried so hard to give them be stolen out from under them by their father who was supposed to be by my side protecting them from the kind of person he’s turned out to be and from the horrible monster he let into our lives who has wrought such destruction for no other purpose than their own entertainment. Please keep my babies in your prayers and good wishes.

Thank you & hugs!"

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