Justice for Timothy Grace (Help put an end to the corrupt&unjust acts by those in charge)

Justice for Timothy Grace (Help put an end to the corrupt&unjust acts by those in charge)

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chassidy oliveira-grace started this petition to Liberty County Sheriffs Office Sheriff William Bowman and

On February 11, 2020, Timothy Grace was slammed to the ground by Liberty County Sheriff's K-9 unit officer Matthew Ainsworth badge 921. Deputy Larry Bell badge 931 then kneels on his neck while the other officer forces handcuffs on him. On February 19, 2020 a complaint was filed through the Liberty County Sheriff's office telling them what the officers had done so they could investigate the situation and have something done about it. The complaint also stated how Grace was denied medical attention when he kept telling them something was wrong and needed x-rays done or to be taken to the emergency room so he could be properly treated. All they did was give him pain medications. The response that was given was unbelievable! On March 16, 2020 a letter was sent from the Liberty County sheriff's office signed by Major Dennis Davis stating that at no point was Grace slammed to the ground by either officers, and only necessary force was used. It also says that Major Davis spoke to assistant jail admin Capt McHugh and she said that Grace never requested to be seen by the nurse. But then later in the letter, the same Capt McHugh says Grace was given pain medications by the nurse.

First, how can at one point Capt McHugh say Grace NEVER requested to be seen but then later say he was given pain medications. How is that possible?? Grace can't be given any pain medications if he is not seen by the nurse and she is informed of his injuries. Grace had complained to the officers during intake about his injuries and that he needed to be seen by the doctor. They did not come and get him until a week later and the nurse was the first to tell Grace that his nerves were damaged from his right shoulder down his arm and to his hand. So, why wouldn't they comply with his requests to be seen by emergency room or taken to get x-rays?? Is it because they didn't want any paperwork showing the damages the officers had done to Grace because they knew then they would have to answer to that. That was one red flag.

Second, after continuous trips to the Detectives unit where they said they had to investigate the complaint that was filed, partial video was released. We know that it is partial because the wife Chassidy Oliveira was shown a different video from deputy Larry Bell's body cam before Grace was released from jail. Chief Deputy Jon Long is the one who showed her it. Also the letter states that Major Davis viewed all videos from body cams and dash cams of both officers Ainsworth and Bell. So we know there is more footage, but why would they only give an edited partial video and not the entire thing?? That is another red flag.

Third, on the partial video, Major Dennis Davis's statement in his response letter is clearly contradicted. Both officers say in the video that Grace was slammed. Officer Ainsworth who slammed him to the ground says "I thought he was going to run that's why I slammed him". And the other officer says he was prepared to shoot Grace. Both officers ready to go to the extreme and take a man's life all because of "thought' and no probable cause.

If Grace is so guilty, and the officers were so right for their actions and it was all necessary, why did they change the original police incident report and then come with another report later where parts of the narrative was taken out and changed. This doctored report was given to the paid attorney Grace had Johnathan Hunt from Wiseman and Blackburn in Savannah, Ga. He is now fired because of his misconduct working against Grace with the DA because Hunt was given the original report when he first took the case and then Hunt sends Grace this other report as if it was the original. And Hunt stated he didn't want to get in trouble with the DA Melissa Poole if Grace was allowed to view the body cam video. How can he get in trouble for doing his job and getting all video and documents that are legally right for Grace to have?? If the officers were right for their actions, why did Major Dennis Davis blatantly lie on the response letter to the complaint saying he was never slammed but yet the video says otherwise. If the officers were right for their actions, why when Grace continues to request to have x-rays taken and be taken the ER those requests were not filled and the Capt. McHugh contradicts herself saying that those requests were never made but Grace was given pain meds. 

Incidents like this cannot be swept under the rug, especially when there is clear evidence of misconduct by these supposed to be law upholding enforcement agencies. Had this been the other way around, and there was clear convicting evidence against a civilian there would be no thought about whether they should be arrested and punished to the full extent of the law for their crimes. Why is it ok for officers of the law to be treated as if they are not still human beings who must abide by the same laws as the rest of us, as if they are above the law, and can do anything they want and have the agencies behind them put out false information. doctor paperwork to work in their favor, and continue to still arrest individuals when they are not credible people who can be trusted to do their job right??

This is the third time where officers have used unnecessary force and beat Grace. The first officer Lumpkin is currently serving life sentence for killing girls and other Duncan has been relieved of his duties for using excessive force. Both times, the incidents were covered up. These officers were picked up on later incidents with other people. We will not rest until justice is served for Grace this time.

We the people of Liberty County, Ga, demand that:

1. The officers and all parties from Liberty county Sheriff's office, Liberty county Detectives office, and Liberty County Jail administration responsible for this incident and the attempt cover up of this incident be fired immediately

2. The officers and all parties from Liberty County Sheriff's office, Liberty County Detectives office, and Liberty County Jail administration responsible for this incident and the attempt cover up of this incident be tried in the court of law

3. Mayor Allen Brown, Mayor Levern Clancy Jr., Mayor Larry Baker, new Sheriff William Bowman, and city council publicly condemn the police brutality and corruption involved in this incident

4. Timothy Grace be compensated for the injuries physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially that the officers and agencies have caused 

If action is not taken against these individuals and agencies, it will show that this county, city, and the people in charge are not for protecting and serving the people. It will show that people have to continue to live in fear of their civil rights being violated, of being hurt by the police who abuse their power, and no justice being served. If action is not taken, it will show that police officers can do whatever they want, go to all extents to justify their wrongdoings, and get away with it.  


0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!