Sheriff Patcher, Charge Perdue Farms With Animal Cruelty In June's Death #Justice4June

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We're asking for there to be #JusticeForJune! 

In the early morning of June 6th, a tractor-trailer contracted by Perdue Farms crashed, killing and injuring thousands of chickens alongside Route 896 in New Castle County, Delaware. 

Ten hours after the crash, animal advocates from Philadephia arrived at the accident site to what can only be described as a gruesome scene. The area smelled of death, there were feathers and blood everywhere. Within minutes of searching the area, June – a six-week-old broiler chicken – was found abandoned and badly injured alongside the highway. June had been left to die alongside Route 896 by Perdue employees in clear violation of Delaware's Animal Cruelty Statute. 

Unable to move, dehydrated, and showing clear signs of distress and suffering, activist rushed June to the nearest emergency veterinarian hospital in hopes of saving his life. Admitted to Mount Laurel Animal Hospital with a deep chest laceration, a fractured keel bone, and suffering from severe dehydration, a massive infection had spread through his body and doctors were unable to save him. Had he received veterinary care immediately after the accident, June would have survived. 

We are calling on New Castle County Sheriff Samuel D. Pratcher, Jr. to enforce the state's cruelty statute against Perdue Farms for the cruel mistreatment, neglect, and abandonment of June. 

June's story highlights the routine and immense suffering inflicted on billions of chickens each year and the need for animal cruelty statutes to be enforced against animal abusers like Perdue Farms. Had June been a family pet, there is no doubt that charges would have immediately been filled after the accident.

We're asking that the Sheriff's office enforce the state's clear policy against animal abuse against Perdue Farms.