Justice for Maggie the Foster Dog Shot to Death in Oklahoma

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On or about Monday, July 16, 2018, Scot Earp of Pryor, Oklahoma, shot and killed a dog Maggie that he and his wife were fostering for a local rescue, Saving Whiskers and Tails.  Maggie was the mother of 9, 4 week old puppies as well.  Maggie had reportedly killed a chicken.  When the chicken was killed, Mrs. Earp contacted the rescue to pick up Maggie and her pups.  Rescue personnel were on the way to do so when Mrs. Earp contacted them again to say that her husband had killed Maggie.  The rescue continued to the residence and picked up Maggie's puppies. 

The incident was reported to the Sheriff's Department in Mayes County, Oklahoma.  The sheriff's office has declined to press charges siting Oklahoma Title 4, Chapter 3, Section 4.  That statute gives people the right to kill an animal who destroys livestock.  However, this statue was actually meant to protect livestock from stray animals.  Maggie was not a stray.  She was in the Earps' care as a foster and it was their responsibility to secure her and protect their own livestock.  

In addition, Scot Earp proceeded to brag on Facebook about killing Maggie, even going so far as to use a picture of her dead body as his Facebook profile picture. 

Maggie and her motherless puppies deserve justice.  Please ask Sheriff Mike Reed to reconsider.  And ask DA Matt Ballard to step in if he won't.  Mr. Earp is a danger.  He has a record of criminal activity.  There is an established link between animal cruelty and escalating violence toward humans.  He needs to be punished now to break that cycle.