Justice for Nova Lee

Justice for Nova Lee

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On October 31, 2021 the skeletal remains of a dog were found at 7010 Robinhood Road in Lewisville. By the time Forsyth County Animal Services arrived on November 3, 2021, two additional skeletal remains were discovered. Pictured above is Nova Lee, her remains were among those identified. Nova Lee belonged to the now ex-wife of Jasper Gray, the man who had been renting the property. He had refused to let his wife take the puppy after she begged him repeatedly.

Over the past five years Forsyth County Animal Services (Animal Control) has been called DOZENS of times in regards to Jaspers neglect and abuse of animals on his property. FCAS (Animal Services) claims that they responded to every call.

No, they did not. Witnesses can testify to this.

Additionally, when Gray left the property on October 19, 2021, he left behind two goats. The FCAS officer at the property refused to provide care for the goats, and left them tied to a tree. When Gray did not return for his goats, this officer also failed to charge Gray with animal abandonment.

The belligerent and unprofessional behavior exhibited by this officer when he responded to the scene on November 3 did nothing to instill confidence in the investigation.

Three months later, nothing seems to be happening with the investigation of this tragedy. No follow up, and no interviews with neighbors or potential witnesses. Repeated communications to the following individuals have met with little to no response:

Sheriff B. Kimbrough

Captain V. Loveland (FCAS)

County Commissioners: Ted Kaplan, David Plyler, Richard Linville, Tonya McDaniel, Gloria Whisenhunt, Fleming El-Amin, Don Martin


It is truly disturbing to see how little concern Forsyth County leaders have for this case. Perhaps, together, we can get someone to take animal abuse in Forsyth County seriously.  Below is a petition demanding that something be done. Please take a moment to sign and pass it on to friends and family. If you need additional information there are links below for that as well.

Thank you so much for your suppport!



We, the citizens of Forsyth County, need to see the following:

1. A thorough investigation, by an unbiased party, into the case of animal abuse at 7010 Robinhood Road, Lewisville. Allowing Forsyth County Animal Services to investigate poses a conflict of interest, as they have historically been unresponsive to requests for help regarding the animals at this address. 

2. A thorough investigation of Forsyth County Animal Services internal operations. This is due to the fact that certain officers actions, or lack thereof, contradict the responsibilities of their position.





1,879 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!