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Demand Justice For Dead And Dying Bunnies At Las Vegas Nevada Health Center

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2/28/2018 - UPDATE:  There is a ongoing investigation being done by the Capitol Police Department.  Please review all updates listed under this original petition to stay current.  Thank you.

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2/16/2018 -  Health Dept Press Release
What was stated to be a "trapping and relocation" plan quickly turned into a Recover Mission  of rescues to help get the remaining rabbits and babies out of danger, sadly it was too late for many.  Bunnies Matter is in Need of Donations

- DHHS Director Richard Whitley requesting an investigation or status of facts found to date
regarding the rabbits inhumanely killed on their facility.  It is not known where or if there was an actual " trap and relocation" plan as stated by the Health Dept. or if they were destined to the same fate.  
Director Richard Whitley, 775-684-4000,

- Sheriff Lombardo who heads the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept. requesting an investigation or status of facts found to date.  Sheriff Joseph Lombardo, 702-828-3111,

- Nevada SPCA requesting an investigation or status of facts found to date.  Nevada SPCA, 702-573-7722,

Nevada Department of Health put out a Public Health Notice stating the Feral Rabbit Population at the W. Charleston Campus in Las Vegas were creating a "potential" safety risk to the public. What appears to be a Misleading notice, led to News articles putting fear in the public.  2 days later rabbits were mass murdered.

Domestic rabbits are not wild animals, the Unsubstantiated Public Health Notice referenced one disease that is not active in the state of Nevada as well as two other diseases not found domestic rabbits in S. Nevada according to the CDC website.  (disease references below).

The situation happened on the land of a Government Health Facility where humans and children were at possible health risk if the dead bodies of rabbits were poisoned Furthermore, the dead bodies were scattered over the grounds where Federally protected Raptors could eat them and die as a result.  Rabbit rescue persons were already in the process of removing rabbits from the property and seeking help from other rescues across many states prior the incident. 

A Freedom of Information Records Request has been submitted to DHHS Director Richard Whitley.  The public has a right to answers on how such an unreasonable tragedy was allowed to happen where animals died a horrible painful death from unknown reasons, animals that have been reported to live on this property for several years, with no incidence or reports of disease.  Hundreds of rabbits are now dead or missing.

We the petitioners respectfully request and insist the Sheriff, Police and SPCA properly investigate, find and arrest whomever is responsible for the unconscionable killing of hundreds of helpless domestic tame rabbits and their babies dumped by the humans to fend for themselves against predators, weather and starvation, and concerns for possibly putting the public and children at risk. 

There are other dump sites of concern, we the public would like to be informed what the Sheriff, Police and SPCA are doing to assure this reprehensible tragedy does not happen again.  A person capable of such a heinous crime is capable of far worse crimes.  

Disease References
- Tularemia is not currently active in the state of Nevada, nor is it a disease carried by domestic rabbits.  Tularemia can be transmitted to humans via the skin when handling infected animal tissue, in particular, this can occur when hunting or skinning infected animals.  No reports found on the CDC website regarding domestic rabbits being carriers of Tularemia.

- Salmonella
live in the intestinal tracts of humans and other animals, including poultry and other birds, amphibians, and reptiles.  No reports found on the CDC website of this disease relating to domestic or wild rabbits.

- Rabies  Small mammals such as squirrels, rats, mice, hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, chipmunks, rabbits, and hares are almost never found to be infected with rabies and have not been known to cause rabies among humans in the United States.  South Nevada - Some animals are not known to transmit rabies virus: Rabbits and hares.  No reports found on the CDC website regarding domestic rabbits as carriers of rabies, in fact, in Nevada, bats were the only rabid animals detected in 2015.

News References
- State, animal advocates at odds over feral rabbits problem
Scattered dead bunnies suspicious, Las Vegas animal rights group says
- Dead rabbits prompt outrage, questions from Las Vegas activists
- Outrage Follows Mysterious Mass Bunny Murder
- National Geographic Outrage Follows Mysterious Mass Bunny Murder

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Facility Reference
Southern Nevada Child and Adolescent Services (SNCAS)
6171 W Charleston Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89146

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