We demand justice for Jasper!

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On May 6th, a black bear known as Jasper was shot by a Washoe County Sheriff’s Office deputy in an attempt to scare her and her cubs away.

Yet instead of using a rubber bullet as the deputy reportedly intended to, he/she used a live bullet. Jasper sustained injuries for which she was being treated, but she succumbed to the shot and died at 7:15am on May 7th.

We demand an investigation into 1. whether any action against Jasper and her cubs was actually necessary, and, if it was, 2. why non-lethal means (like air horns) were not used as a first response, and 3. we request to be provided with an explanation as to whether the Nevada Department of Wildlife was engaged given that the bears were allegedly frequenting the area and finally, 4. we expect a thorough review as to how any deputy cannot distinguish between a live round and a rubber bullet.

Washoe County Sheriff's Office needs to answer for the completely unnecessary death of Jasper, take appropriate action with the deputy who cannot distinguish between lethal and non-lethal ammunition, work collaboratively with local groups concerned with bear populations in the area to enhance public education efforts regarding bears, and develop a plan of action for how situations like this can be avoided in the future to be shared with the public.

Jasper deserved better!