Puppy Davey deserves justice - NO early release from jail for animal abuser Duanying Chen

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Puppy Davey deserves justice - NO early release from jail for animal abuser Duanying Chen

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Davey's Voice started this petition to Sheriff Bill Brown and

In June 2015, 19 year old Chinese citizen, Duanying Chen, was sentenced by Judge Hill in Santa Barbara Superior Court to 365 days in Santa Barbara County Jail for heinous acts of cruelty inflicted upon an innocent young Doberman Pinscher known as Puppy Davey. Chen had admitted his guilt for repeatedly torturing Puppy Davey over a period of time, including burning 80% of his body with a utility lighter, breaking his bones and teeth, spinal injuries, and sexual mutilation to the point he had to be euthanized. Chen was convicted of four felonies and one misdemeanor, including two felony counts of animal cruelty and one count of felony assault by force likely to produce great bodily injury involving his girlfriend.

The Santa Barbara community was up in arms about the light sentence imposed by Judge Brian Hill against the advice of District Attorney Joyce Dudley who argued for the maximum sentence of seven years, six months in State prison.

And the injustice continues.

Chen is being considered for early release from jail whereby just half of his sentence would be served. He has been assessed by officials as “low risk” and therefore deemed ineligible for the batterers intervention program, despite this being Court Ordered by Judge Hill. He also has the option of remaining in Santa Barbara to continue his studies following his release, subject to the discretion of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

If you believe that the above course of action would be a travesty, and that animal abusers like Chen should be held accountable for their shameful acts, then please sign this petition.

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Dear Sheriff Brown, Santa Barbara County Probation Office, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials,

We are writing to express grave concern regarding the potential significant reduction in jail time served versus the 365 day sentence handed down to Duanying Chen for felony offences involving heinous acts of cruelty against defenseless Puppy Davey and his girlfriend.

In the initial sentence, the Judge acknowledged Chen had sadistic tendencies. It is incredibly worrisome for the community, therefore, that a man that carried out such horrific acts of torture on an innocent puppy could soon be back on our streets, serving just half of his sentence. In July 2015, the Santa Barbara community sent a very clear message when 800 members of the public took a stand, gathered and marched in honor of Puppy Davey and to express dismay at the lenient sentence given to Chen. We urge the Sheriff’s Department, the Probation Office and ICE to echo the message that animal abuse will NOT be tolerated in Santa Barbara County, by:
1) Declining the proposed early release of Chen from County Jail and ensuring that the full 365 day term is served
2) Ensuring that Chen carries out the Court-ordered batterers' intervention program
3) Revoking Chen's student visa and immediately deporting him upon release from jail back to China.

We urge you to make fair and just decisions in this regard in order to protect the public and voiceless animals and, at least in part, restore the public’s faith in the Santa Barbara justice system.


Davey’s Voice

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This petition had 12,840 supporters

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