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Keep Sheriff Al Cannon as Sheriff of Charleston County

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Sheriff Al Cannon may have made mistakes in the way he handled the situation after the chase of Timothy McManus. He has owned up to his mistakes and taken actions to correct them as well as to ensure it doesn't happen again. Anyone that has been involved in a chase or been in a position where they have to make a highly stressful split second decision can tell you that with all the adrenaline pumping the decision you make may not always be the correct one. After a chase with speeds of over 120mph where the suspect Timothy McManus endangered the lives of many innocent people, Sheriff Cannon was rightfully upset. Should he have slapped the suspect? No. Did the suspect deserve to be slapped? Yes. Did sheriff Cannon do the right thing by admitting that his actions were unprofessional? Yes he did. Sheriff Cannon has a long and distinguished law enforcement career. His actions in this case ARE NOT a reason to have him neither resign nor force him out of his job. We support you Sheriff and keep up the good work.

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