Petition for Shengshou to produce their Minx+ line in Stickerless

Petition for Shengshou to produce their Minx+ line in Stickerless

November 7, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by L Thoerner

For years now, Shengshou has been producing their line of Minx puzzles (NxN variations on the classic Megaminx) in stickered-only. When they came out with the Examinx - the 11x11 Minx - they decided to produce it in stickerless-only. This was a good decision on their part, as the stickers on their puzzles are notorious for rubbing loose or chipping during a solve, or simply from carrying them around or handling them.

Shengshou sends all their puzzles pre-lubed, which is part of the problem. The lubricant they use is relatively low-quality, and it tends to leak out of the cube - which gives their puzzles an oily feel out of the box (unpleasant, to say the least) - but it also ruins the stickers. The lube gets under the edges of the tiny stickers, ruining the adhesive, and they start to peel off. This would not be a problem if they just manufactured their Minxes in stickerless.

The Minx+ puzzles have a lot of potential, but they lack practical value because of how easily the stickers peel. Almost all cubers know that stickerless puzzles are so much more practical than stickered ones, and this is especially true for puzzles with so many tiny stickers. I would solve my Gigaminx and Teraminx regularly if it wouldn't ruin 5 or more stickers per solve, even when I'm wearing latex gloves.

The Examinx is $350, and most people would never buy it. But the Gigaminx is $30, and is well within the price range for a Christmas gift or just a quick purchase. Why would the cube that is meant for ordinary consumers not made in a stickerless version, whereas the one for collectors (who may solve it once or twice, then leave it sitting on a shelf forever) is made in stickerless? Not to mention that a consumer who buys every puzzle will forever be bothered by the one puzzle that looks out-of-place.

Shengshou needs to know that they could make the Minx line a much more practical - and popular - set of puzzles, if only they made them in stickerless.


For reference, here is the list of Minx puzzles currently available from Shengshou:
-Kilominx [2x2]
-Megaminx [3x3] (discontinued)
-Master Kilominx [4x4]
-Gigaminx [5x5]
-Elite Kilominx [6x6]
-Teraminx [7x7]
-8x8 Kilominx [8x8]
-Petaminx [9x9]
-Examinx [11x11]

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Signatures: 10Next Goal: 25
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