Stop animal abuse

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I want to build shelters for animals who aren’t wanted or who are wandering around in the streets. I want to go to the locations and help the animals who are used as bait dogs or in dog fights. The whole idea is to build a safe place for the animals and pay for vetcare and then find them a loving family, who wil take care of them and look after them. People will be hired to help the animals to trust humans again and they will get paid for their services. Animals are just as important as humans and they deserve the best lives that we can offer them. If an animal is found in the streets, I shall do my best to find their owners. I know what it feels like to loose your fur babies and it's the worst feeling in the world. I will also help find stolen dogs and return them to their homes. The donations are very important and they help more then people can begin to think. It would really be appreciated and it would help animals in need. Thank you so much for helping and I shall keep everyone updated in the process of building this shelter and finding loving homes for unwanted pets. Everything I do is so I can help every species of animals as I possibly can, from dogs to snakes and many more. I may be young but, I have a passion and loving nature for animals. I can make a difference with your help.