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Shelter Kills 13 Dogs As Rescue Was On Its Way to Save Them

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According to one rescue group, 13 dogs would be alive today, if not for Deputy AC Officer Sandy Moyer and Nina West of the Fairfield County Dog Shelter. The dogs would be safe, sprawled out on the bed, or playing in the backyard of their new owners home. They should have been safe, since Bridges2Safety let the shelter know they were on their way to pull them. However, Moyer and West apparently didn’t care that a rescue was coming for the dogs. They snuffed out the lives of the 13 dogs by placing them into the gas chamber and releasing the killing gas.

So those 13 dogs that should be living a great life in their new homes are now dead.

This happened in Lancaster, OH on July 12, 2012. Even though rescue group Bridges2Safety had stepped up to save them, the dogs were all killed.

Cassandre Miller of Bridges2Safety wrote the following letter to the County Commissioners Steve Davis, Mike Kiger and Judith Shupe :

 “I am asking for the immediate discharge of Deputy AC Officer Sandy Moyer and Administrative Assistant Nina West from employment at Fairfield County Animal Shelter located at 1715 Granville Pike Lancaster Ohio 43130.

On July 12, 2012, 13 dogs were unnecessarily gassed to death while these dogs had rescue. I am the Vice President of Bridges2Safety a 501(c)(3). I am authorized by the above mentioned shelter to rescue animals from said shelter.

These 13 healthy animals were placed in a gas chamber by two employees; Deputy AC officer, Sandy Moyer and a secretary Nina West. The Dog Warden, Mike Miller was on a camping vacation at the time of this gassing and therefore, do not hold him accountable for the actions of these two rogue workers. With 54 active kennels at this shelter, there was no reason for this, as I had contacted them and said I would rescue these dogs.

They are derelict in duty to safely house these animals. The shelter was merely HALF full, and it is apparent that they only reason these animals were killed was because they didn't want to clean kennels over the weekend when the Warden, Mike Miller was away.

I walked in with my transport crew of wonderful volunteers the very next day and removed every available animal from this shelter.

This is my sworn affidavit, the dogs that were killed July 12, 2012 had rescue with my organization. I am appalled at this lack of concern for the welfare of the animals at Fairfield County, and I am asking the Commissioners of Fairfield County, that these two workers are terminated IMMEDIATELY!”

Even though the Fairfield County Dog Shelter ended the use of the gas chamber last month, the gas chamber has yet to be dismantled or removed. The shelter says it is not being used, but we want it GONE!

 R.I.P. to the 13 dogs. We don’t know what your names were, but we are sickened by what was done to you, and know it should never be allowed to happen again. We, the undersigned, ask for the immediate termination of Deputy Animal Control Officer Sandy Moyer, and Nina West from the Fairfield County Dog Shelter.

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Image of Angel, adoptable dog that was saved, courtesy of Cassandre Miller

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