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My dad, Peter Willcox, is currently being held in a Russian jail, arrested following a peaceful protest against the Russian oil company Gazprom -- a key corporate partner for Shell -- to try and protect the Arctic from environmental disaster.

He’s in jail because of Gazprom -- during the protest, the company made a call to Russian security forces to intervene. 24 hours later, armed commandos had illegally boarded the Greenpeace ship the Arctic Sunrise and arrested all 30 people on board, including my dad.

But to break open the Russian Arctic, Gazprom needs Shell. They’ve just done a deal, so Shell will bring its money and expertise and Gazprom will bring its access to the Russian Arctic.

When it comes to Arctic drilling they’re in it together now, up to their necks. That puts Shell in a hugely powerful position to influence Gazprom. If Shell wanted to help my dad come home, they could push their friends at Gazprom to make the call.

Peter Voser is Shell’s CEO, and Charles Holliday is the chair of its corporate and social responsibility committee -- surely the most relevant aspect of Shell’s work for this situation.

Please join me in calling on Shell to take their corporate responsibility seriously, and speak out to free my dad!

Letter to
Shell CEO Peter Voser
Shell Corporate and Social Responsibility Committe Chairman Charles O. Holliday
As one of Gazprom’s biggest corporate partners, Shell has an enormous amount of influence on the company. And I believe your voice -- as the CEO and Corporate and Social Responsibility Committee Chair, respectively -- could help get my dad out of the Russian jail he’s being held in at Gazprom’s behest, for doing nothing more than peacefully trying to protect the Arctic.

You can make a difference here by speaking out, and you have a responsibility to do so.

Please publicly urge Gazprom to free my dad -- and the rest of the Arctic 30.

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