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Vincent Prieto, NJ Assembly Speaker: Add your vote to Michelle Sous' Law and support mandatory drug and alcohol testing after fatal accidents.


My daugher Michelle was crossing the street in front our house on March 17, 2013, to meet her sister when she was struck by a car, thrown 100 feet ahead, and killed instantly. She was 17 years old and about to graduate from high school. We are devastated by her loss, made even harder because we do not know what caused the driver to hit her. The police did not require a blood test, so we will never know. We hope no one else ever has to go through the pain we have been through. Approving Michelle Sous' Law in New Jersey would at least give families like ours some closure.

Letter to
State Representative Vincent Prieto
New Jersey State House
Please add your vote to support the passage of Michelle Sous' Law, A4464, the bill that requires mandatory alcohol and drug blood testing to drivers involved in fatal accidents. Michelle Sous died instantly after being struck by a car in front of her house on March 17, 2013. Mandatory drug and alcohol testing will prevent bias and other factors and bring closure to victims' families. Blood test results provide 100% accurate results. In a fatal accident, the decision to do a blood test should not be left to police discretion.

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