Stronger and Better Executed Citizen Protection Laws in Bangladesh

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I'm not from Bangladesh, but I feel it's my responsibility as a human being to protest against the events taking place in Bangladesh.

The first event in this rapid succession of terrible happenings was a peaceful protest by some locals(aged between 11 to 21) in the capital, Dhaka. The ruling party lashed out by hiring hitmen and mobsters who killed started beating up and abducting the protestors. 4 children were killed, 4 girls were raped, and countless more abducted.

The government targeted the universities next, where goons arrived armed with firearms and machetes to shut down protestors. The media was threatened to keep silent. 

The Bangladeshis were not deterred, they are still protesting, but that is proving to not be enough against the government, who have the power of the police and hired gunmen behind them. They need help from neighboring countries, and opposition parties. Please spread the word and provide as much support for them as possible. Thanks.