Help Stop Sheffield City Council building a Car park inside The General Cemetery S11 8NT

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Petition against Planning Application 18/00235/FUL & 18/00236/LBC
Objection to addition of car park off Montague St

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Openspace is not infinite.

This green open space is already the smallest within inner city Sheffield and is a much loved space to chill, collect your thoughts, away from traffic, pollution and noise, to just breathe fresh air

So many local residents and visitors love to spend time there to "reset from life's pressures" while watching the seasons and wildlife in this inner city Local Nature Reserve.

The General Cemetery and its open space is "SO MUCH MORE" than Heritage for many people, as a place to relax and play in the sun away from concrete, brick, cars and pollution which exists outside the perimeter wall. 

Please help us protect this local treasure, prevent Healthy trees being felled for just paths and benches and sign this petition below:

I the undersigned am supportive of the principle of investment for maintenance and conservation of the General Cemetery

However, I absolutely object to the planning proposal reference to creating a car park at the lower end of the cemetery off of Montague Street. Further, any addition of new buildings would not be in keeping to conservation principals of the site.

This section of the application should be dismissed for the following reasons:

  • Planning Consideration – the car park proposal would seem to contradict spirit and letter of planning guidelines regarding open space.
  • There would be a negative visual impact of a car park in the cemetery.
  • It would not work as intended as there is fierce competition for parking spaces on Montague Street from local offices.
  • Alternative parking to enable access for all could be provided at Stalker Lees Road, with room for at least 4 dedicated disabled parking spaces. 
  • There is no difference in climb or distance to access the two event buildings at the upper part of the cemetery.


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If we gain a total of 5,000 signatures, this invokes a full Sheffield City Council meeting where the issues surrounding this planning application can be fully discussed. Help us make Sheffield City Council accountable for their actions on this issue,

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