Lets build Sheffield a 'Walk With Pride' crossing

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Sheffield!!! Arguably the best city in the country, (though I'm incredibly biased). 

If you're from Sheffield then you will already know that we love a good cause, we're extremely progressive, and we always support our own. We strive for equality and work together for a better society... it's just in our nature. We embrace diversity and enjoy a good fight, especially in the name of justice. 

This month is PRIDE month, and with Pride celebrations across the city being cancelled, it would be great to show our love and support for our LGBTQ+ community in the form of the installation of a 'Walk With Pride' crossing.

We are seeking to get permission from the city council install a pride flag crossing over one of the already standing zebra crossings / walkways within Sheffield City Centre. These brilliant and beautiful walkways have popped up across the globe, with the first permanent UK one being fitted in 2019, in South London. Lets be honest - anything that London can do, Sheffield can do better.

The proposed crossing will be the redesigned Daniel Quasar Pride flag, which can be seen here:https://www.dezeen.com/2018/06/12/daniel-quasar-lgbt-rainbow-flag-inclusive/. Suggested locations for this include the walkway between Sheffield Hallam University and the train station, the train station zebra crossing itself or one of the Zebra crossings located along the Moor.

The installation will be a welcome and vibrant addition to our city so please sign to show your support and let's display our northern pride together. 

Gratefully supported by LGBT Sheffield and SAYiT.