End the Care Crisis in Sheffield

End the Care Crisis in Sheffield

5 May 2020
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Why this petition matters

Care Homes in Sheffield are struggling as Sheffield City Council (SCC) fails to adequately fund and support this vital service.

Over the past 20 years care providers in Sheffield have been asked to provide care for way below the national average rates.

This petition highlights the serious under-funding of care homes in Sheffield.

  • Independent care homes in Sheffield receive less than £3.00 per hour per resident for 24-hour care and nursing homes receive less than £5.00 per hour per resident.
  • The situation in Sheffield is at crisis point with many operators struggling to meet their weekly outgoings.
  • Most care and ancillary staff only receive minimum wage, the staff are required to work long nights & weekends without any enhanced pay – carers must be paid a decent living wage.
  • The SCC 4.9% fee increase for 2020 will not cover the additional costs of the National Minimum Wage - in real terms care fees have gone backwards.
  • Covid-19 has added enormous pressure on the sector and homes are now at serious risk of closure.
  • The Council have promised a “strategic review” of the adult care home sector undertaken by their own executive director and cabinet member for health & social care - this needs to be an Independent review.

We're calling on SCC to debate the crisis in our care homes and resolve the problems faced by:

  • Immediately increasing fees by the 15% recommended by Care England to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Making the planned strategic review independent of current office holders and decision makers and for it to be published by September 2020.
  • Ensuring care homes are given the adequate support & funding they need now and in the future.

A realistic increase in care fees from Sheffield City Council would enable care providers to increase wages, provide additional staff, deliver better working conditions and improve the quality of care across the city.

Please sign our petition which is supported by the Sheffield Care Home Association.

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Signatures: 1,176Next Goal: 1,500
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