Save Shed 1.

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Shed 1, located on McLarens Wharf which was once the epicentre of Port Adelaide's maritime economy, is now the last wharf shed in the inner harbour. Even more important is that it survives as one of the very few (after the demise of Shed 26) remaining waterside structures from the working history of Port Adelaide's inner harbour.

The SA Heritage Council has decided that they will not list the Fishermen's Wharf Market, officially Shed 1, in Port Adelaide on the list of heritage buildings in South Australia, which would prevent it from being demolished. Shed 1, where the Fishermen's Wharf Market is housed, is the last remaining original wharf shed in the historic inner-Port. As a result, Hans Ehmann, the owner of the site, wants it demolished in order to build 8 storey apartments. The site has been approved for demolition by the Development Assessment Commission.

People do not choose to live in or visit Port Adelaide for apartment blocks, but they do come to the Port for the Fishermen's Wharf Markets and the area's rustic, industrial working charm. I am all for the development of the Port but not at the expense of Shed 1.

The Market may currently be run down due to it being conveniently neglected by its owner Hans Ehmann, but if you look at similar buildings around Australia you can see it has huge potential. Examples of wharf sheds that have become commercial hubs are Stokes Hill Wharf in Darwin, Princes Wharf Shed in Hobart,  along with the many wharf sheds of Fremantle and Sydney. In my opinion the best example of utilising old wharf sheds is the 'Watershed' in Capetown, check it out.

The Heritage Council is not based in Port Adelaide and as such cannot be seen to represent the best interests of the people in the area, many of whom have different views of what should be protected.

Furthermore, there is 400 hectares of undeveloped waterfront land in the Port. There is no need to demolish an important part of the Port's history when it is surrounded by vacant space. I am fully behind developing the vacant waterfront space around the Port.

Please sign and share this petition to save another large and vital piece of Port Adelaide's working and industrial history.


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