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Transparency and Regulations In The Australian Sheep Shearing Industry

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Australia,  February 2017, four men pleaded guilty to a combined total of 60 animal cruelty charges in the Horsham Magistrates Court on Monday

Evidence against the shearers included hidden camera footage obtained by animal rights group PETA. Videos of sheep being repeatedly punched in the face, beaten with shearing handpieces, gouged in the eyes sockets, lifted and slammed to the ground and stomped on by shearers are but a few of the horrific images captured by undercover animal activists.Many of the animals were seen stumbling away bleeding from the eyes, nose and mouth.

The court room heard how sheep shearing in Australia has had problems in the wool industry for some time and that PETA itself had began filing reports and information from as early as 2013. 

The Four shearers, allegedly drunk and or on drugs ,have since been fined up to $3000 and disqualified from handling sheep after pleading guilty to animal cruelty charges. However the disqualification is limited to 1 or 2 years, which means they are most likely back on their jobs as we speak!!

You cannot blame drugs and alcohol for their evil acts, those are people who should not be near animals. They are simply not able to show compassion and other humane emotions. Shearers should be thoroughly vested and one of the criteria MUST be ABILITY TO SHOW COMPASSION. 

Please join me in signing this petition and let's help make some positive changes in the shearing industry! 

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