STOP the Exhumation of Mother Cornelia Connelly.

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It has just come to light that the SHCJ (the Society of the Holy Child Jesus) in Philadelphia have requested the exhumation of the remains of  Mother Cornelia Connelly, from HER chosen resting place in the Grade 1 listed Chapel at Mayfield East Sussex. 

This is the Chapel she restored, in the school she created and the place she CHOSE to be buried. 

The SHCJ would like her exhumed, her body divided up and a portion interred in the cathedral in Philadelphia...(.although leaving a "Substantial part" at Mayfield ?!?) a plan they have already publicised as occurring this summer. 

Quite aside from the unnecessary exhumation and dividing of human remains, this work will be prohibitively expensive and will involve massive disruption to a medieval building and its surrounding grounds as the precise location of the remains is unknown. 

I, like thousands of girls and women before me, went to Mayfield and worshipped in that Chapel. I like many many others posted our private intercessions on tiny scraps of paper and placed them around Mother Connelly's effigy. 

I simply cannot see what is to be gained by this treating of a Venerable woman like a commodity. In an age when so many are struggling simply to survive, Cornelia herself, perhaps would feel that the colossal amount of money and effort needed would be best spent elsewhere. 

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