Help Relieve Ms​.​Lozada Of Her Services from Basketball Wives

Help Relieve Ms​.​Lozada Of Her Services from Basketball Wives

August 26, 2018
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Started by Blond nass

During an episode of Basketball Wives, Evelyn Lozada started a verbal quarrel with a fellow cast member. The Cast Member "Cici" who is fillipino responded to Evilyn's pushing on her, by calling her Evil-yn. In which Evilyn responded by saying "I Have a Problem With you LeeLee" which was a racial jab, even confirmed by Cast Member Malaysia Pargo seconds after saying "She's the nail lady" which was clear racial indication. 

This Racial Comment "SLUR" is unacceptable, especially from a show with a majority female and minority cast. Regardless of being black, white, skinny, fat, diabetic, gay, lesbian, transgender, ASIAN... It's unacceptable to make fun of someone because of these things, and Ms.Lozada has done this on multiple occasions throughout the shows run time. The viewers of VH1's Basketball Wives demand Ms.Lozada be terminated from employment indefinitely... by the Executive Producer Shaunie O'Neal or The Other VH1 Underlying Personnel. 

If not, expect the show to drop in massive ratings, as we the viewers will not tolerate sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, fat-shaming, or any other type of harassment and injustice.

Response on her Apology:

In addition, Evelyn's apologies as of late aren't sufficient to halt the efforts of the viewers and I to remove her from our Sunday program, and ultimately the network.

It's 48 hours too late for many of us, and also came across in-genuine on a whole different magnitude especially since 24 hours prior she was joking with her daughter Shanice about the comment in private text messages released by the two. Her nonchalant initial tweet which was the first tweet about the situation since Sundays Air (the morning of 8/29)... also confirms these notions. Unfortunately her apology wont be enough this time, she still needs to be held accountable for her actions just as many people this year who've been booted and blacklisted off TV. Such as the infamous Roseanne Barr. We must also make light that Roseanne made less comments than Evelyn... and lost her whole show, plus endorsement deals in less than 24 hours.

It's only fair that Evelyn is held to that same standard.. Especially when she was given multiple chances over the years as a Human Being to correct her vile behavior.

Her Role on Vh1 is an actual employment. And when you are vicious, negligent, and nonchalant in regards to your statements and actions towards the people in your workplace, and ultimately the viewers, you will lose the right to have a platform! And that's the example that must be continued to be enforced with Roseanne, Evelyn, and anyone else that wants to misuse their public figure position that the fans and "stans" gave them.



This petition made change with 17,336 supporters!

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