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URGENT UPDATE!! Today, April 26th, the judge ordered for Lilly to be put down or sent to a sheep ranch which we feel is a death sentence as well since Lilly has always been a pampered house dog. I will soon post an address and ask all of you to write a letter to appeal this decision. Please read about Lilly, read about the incident, and if you disagree on her being killed please write a letter and mail it once I post address. Like her page at Support Lilly & Save Her Life and form your opinion. Thank you!

BACKGROUND INFORMATION: PLEASE HELP SAVE LILLY’S LIFE… While we were vacationing in Bear Lake on Aug 22, 2015 Lilly was involved in an accident when 2 little boys ages 2&4 came around a outdoor eating table that we were eating at and stepped on her tail. Lilly reacted to being startled and more than likely the pain of her tail being stepped on by whipping around barking. It appears that she may have grabbed his shirt at the same time my husband and son pull her back causing the 2 yr old to fall backward. The 2 yr old child was injured and the parents claim this was a bite, we don't agree. The injury consisted of a 2 inch straight cut on his arm near his wrist, there were no "bite Marks" or " Puncture wounds" on his arm either on the top or bottom of his arm as you would expect from a dog bite. Also Lilly was barking during the 7 second incident, We have thought it may have been possible that the cut could have been from her prong collar or something sharp around where the accident took place. its unclear what caused the cut on his arm.

. Today was our first day in court regarding the situation. We had stayed up last night preparing for the case by watching videos from the restaurant and dash cam footage. When we got to the courthouse today, we reviewed the case with the Rich County, UT city attorney. We explained to him our history with Lilly, how she has been in training since a puppy, that she has her CGC certification, and that she was an important part of our family, and that she is loved by not only our family, but the groomer she goes to, the vet, the trainer, and friends. The video from the restaurant is kind of blurry, but it appears the child stepped on her tail and fell from her being pulled back, it shows the parents walking in the opposite direction 30-40 feet away I assume to get a table and not really paying attention to where their children are going (ages 2 and approx. 4) The Dash cam footage from the responding officer shows the officer refusing to take statements from witnesses that saw the child fall, as well as him saying on camera “I would just shoot the dog.” After hearing our view of what happened the Rich County attorney said that if we lost this case he is recommending Lilly be put down. He also stated to us that Great Pyrenees are NOT family dogs and that they are just like wolves and coyotes. He doesn’t believe that any of them can be loving family companions. I need all of your help to Save my dog Lilly from being subjected to this invalid opinion of those who don’t know the breed. Please send me to pictures, letters or anything that you feel would help show just how loving caring this breed really is THANK YOU

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