Justice 4 Javan

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Hello my name is Jasmine.

 I’m creating this petition for my son Javan. Javan was on the bus headed home from school 8/28/2019. Upon Javan arriving to his stop the bus driver screamed when she saw Javan’s condition, he wasn’t breathing and covered in vomit. The bus aide was not paying attention to Javan and didn’t realize his condition until it was too late to notify the driver that Javan was in distress. The aide failed to provide care, perform CPR, or even take his seatbelt off of him. Javan’s stepfather unbuckled his seatbelt and attempted to perform CPR until paramedics arrived. I say attempted because there was so much vomit blocking his airway that he could only give compressions. Upon arriving to the hospital, doctors informed me that because he went without oxygen to his brain for so long that it was a slim chance of him pulling through. They were able to get a pulse once they gave his heart an adrenaline injection and put him on a ventilator. On 8/29/19 Javan was declared brain dead. On 8/30/19 a surgery was performed on Javan to relieve pressure off the organs that were being donated. His insurance only covered one-fourth of the bill and we were billed the remainder of the amount to pay. Javan’s death was ruled undetermined by the medical examiner which makes it almost impossible to improve he passed in result of the bus aides negligence. I want to bring awareness to not only the neglect that day but also the fact that the school never mentioned anything and treated it as if my son had got a minor cut or bruise. Whether the negligence was intentional or not, my son is no longer here. He was a nonverbal special needs child who couldn’t ask for help when he was in distress. I’m asking everyone to help me give my son a voice by signing my petition and shedding light on this tragedy. We just want an attorney to fight for him with no money up front as we can’t afford an attorney. No one should have to go through this. What if this was your child, what would you do? Please sign our petition and help us become one step closer to justice forJavan.  8/17/2012-8/29/2019. May he receive justice so that he can Rest In Peace and we can live in peace.