Stop Sending Hate Mail to LGBT Activists

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Stop Sending Hate Mail to LGBT Activists

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Brian Stone started this petition to Sharon Kass

Sharon Kass is an infamous, prolifically anti-gay hate mail writer who targets gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender journalists, bloggers and activists for e-bullying with reparative therapy claims and threats of "civil war."

By signing this petition, you are sending Sharon an email that will let her know karma's a bitch, and, PS - Marriage equality will win.

This was her latest message, addressed to me at my school email account:

"Well, Brian, I suggest you find another goal.

You can get the laws changed, but you can't get reality changed.

The key causative factor in male homosexuality is faulty bonding and
identification with the father, starting in early life.

This is preventable and treatable.

The Left, through psychiatry and in other ways, has been lying to the
public for decades.  A made-up "minority" has been useful to it.

Meanwhile, more and more Americans are learning the truth.  GayScam will
end--if it takes a civil war.

--Sharon Kass
Washington, D.C."

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This petition had 725 supporters

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