Ban the sale of fur in Fairfax County, Virginia

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Dear Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, 


Although major fashion brands like Armani and Gucci have banned the sale of furs because of the unnecessary cruelty that it causes, there are some companies that are still promoting it as a luxurious product. 

These brands and stores include Canada Goose, Macy's, Nordstroms, Lord & Taylor, Miller's Furs, Arhaus, Bloomingdales, Anne Fontaine, Saint Laurent, and Neiman Marcus.  A lot of the fur sold in these stores come from China, which means the fur that is labeled as "rabbit" or "fox", could actually be dog and/or cat fur.

Regardless of the species, all animals go through immense pain and suffering for these products to make it to stores. In intense fur farming locations, wild animals like foxes and minks are held in captivity for their entire lives where they suffer from cage madness as they go insane pacing around a tiny cell. Foxes are often made obese so that their skin expands and are able to make more fur. These animals suffer from many health conditions. They also suffer from sores, cuts, and open and infected wounds caused by the metal prongs and lack of veterinary. These animals will then be either anally electrocuted, beaten to death, or skinned alive.

Some animals that are used for fur are caught in the wild. These most often include coyotes, bobcats, and beavers. They are trapped by foot traps and stay there for days, while some even attempt to gnaw their paws off to scape the trap. After days of this misery, they will eventually be shot, stopped, or beaten to death by the trapper. 

A lot of these animals are mothers, and their babies will die in the days that the mom goes missing. This is damaging to natural ecosystems, as trapping these top predators shifts the ecosystem out of focus.

The most important question that we should be asking ourselves is, "If we would not knowingly wear fur coats made of cats or dogs, then why are we allowing the torture of and wearing foxes, minks, rabbits, chinchillas, coyotes, beavers, lambs, raccoons, and bobcats?"

All animals are sentient creatures; all animals feel pain, joy, and want to escape from harm and live their own life for their own personal and unique purposes. If the look of fur is a must, many companies offer faux fur coats that are even better than the dead skins of those who just wanted to live. Let's keep cruelty out of fashion and stop wearing fur.  

As we are a nation of animals lovers, we are asking the Fairfax County government to please help the citizens of Fairfax County live in an area that mirrors their morals. Please help us ban fur in Fairfax County to make this world more compassionate to all beings, regardless of species, one county at a time.

Use the hashtag #FurFreeFairfax to get the word out and choose compassion over cruel fashion.


Thank you, 


June Ok
Fairfax County Resident

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