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STOP Sharia Law Courses at the Sydney Law School!

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In particular, we demand all that units proposing Sharia law as a legal system in any way compatible with Australian law, be removed from the University's curriculum immediately and permanently. Sharia law may be taught, but only from the perspective of those whose human rights are degraded by the Sharia - that is, the non-Muslim (Kafir).

Islamic "scholars" Dr Salim Farrar and Dr Ghena Krayem (pictured above) of the University of Sydney are being paid to teach law students that Sharia law is compatible with (indeed, an alternative to) Australian law.

The University of Sydney has introduced Sharia law into courses that are run by the Sydney Law School. Despite the hysterical fervour with which Yassmin Abdel-Magied has defined Sharia Law for the Australian public, Sharia law does not revolve around Muslims praying five times a day.

Sharia law draws its content from three sources - the Quran (the literal word of Allah), the Sira (the biography of Mohammad) and the Hadiths (the traditions of Mohammad as compiled by Islamic scholars, most notably Bukhari and Dawud).

While Sharia law does include specific rules concerning the religious duties of Muslims, a large portion of the Sharia is dedicated to the treatment of the the Kafir. This is an illustration of the divisive nature of the Sharia: the Kafir is never equal to the Muslim. It is the legal obligation of the Muslim to enslave, subjugate and humiliate the Kafir.

Hence, Sharia law is not synonymous with Islamic religious law; rather, it is a manual for running a backward civilisation. The sole purpose of the Sharia is to ensure that all those who live under it (both muslims and Kafirs) are subject to the pattern of Mohammad’s life (the Sunna of Mohammad).

The material being taught by the University of Sydney is in fact in accordance with the Sunna of Mohammad - arguments have been put forth by Dr Salim Farrar and Dr Ghena Krayem for Australia to accommodate polygamy and child marriage, which fall under Islamic family law.

Mohammad allowed himself eleven wives, with the youngest, Aisha, being only six years old. Muhammad sexually assaulted Aisha until she was nine, after which time, he began raping her. Mohammad died when Aisha was nineteen.

"Islamic family law” is the Trojan Horse of Sharia law in Kafir lands. Once polygamy (Quran 4:3) and child-rape (Quran 65:4) are introduced, "Islamic family law” extends to incorporate other Islamic "family matters" such as inbreeding (Quran 4:23) and female genital mutilation (The Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law e4.3; Bukhari 72:777, 72:779 and Dawud, Adab 167). One only need look to the UK for proof of this: as many as 85 Sharia law courts are in operation (as at December 2015), creating a dual justice system in the UK. 

Also worth noting is that Sharia law favours the rights of Muslim men over that of their female counterparts. Muslim women:

- are inferior to men (Quran 2:228 and Bukhari 48:826)
- must dress as dictated by their fathers and husbands (Quran 33:59)
- are confined to their homes (Quran 33:33 and Dawud 567)
- are disposable commodities (Quran 66:5 and Bukhari 58:125)
- must always succumb to marital rape (Quran 2:223 and Bukhari 62:81) and being beaten by their husbands (Quran 4:34, 38:44 and Bukhari 72:715)

The above citations from the Quran, Sira and Hadiths, are just some of the Islamic practices that are codified within the Sharia legal system. 

Once the "Muslim-only" matters have been institutionalised, Australians will notice the creeping impingement of all freedoms, as the Sharia’s application is extended to include the Kafir. Under the Sharia, Kafirs MAY NOT:

- testify in courts against Muslims
- sue Muslims
- serve in the military, police force or hold a government position
- hold any positions of authority over Muslims
- vote
- have citizenship
- own or carry weapons
- teach their faith to Muslims
- practice their faith publicly
- attempt to convert Muslims
- encourage Muslims to leave Islam
- display their literature in the marketplace
- avoid the Islamic tax (the Jizya), which constitutes 50% of the Kafirs total income
- speak ill of either Mohammad or Allah (Sharia Blasphemy Law)

The above conditions are merely an excerpt from the Treaty of Umar, under which Kuffar have historically suffered. Punishments for the above crimes include severe beatings, multination and in some cases (as with the Sharia Blasphemy Law), death. Recall that after her election in July 2016, one of the first proposals put forth by Muslim MP, Anne Aly, was to install the Sharia Blasphemy Law as an extension of Section 18C of the Australian constitution. Aly has in fact been awarded Professorships by both Curtin and Edith Cowan University.

Clearly, Australian universities are now playing a major role in promoting an ideology that supports rape, pedophilia, murder, stealing, subjugation, deceit, incest, mutilation, stoning, necrophilia, bestiality and torture. Australian institutions have a responsibility to reject this barbarism, on behalf of the Australian public.

Please sign this petition to demand the University of Sydney stop promoting Sharia law in our country.

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