Save Heavenly Acres Pet Cemetery

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First Pet Care Services, LLC held the lease on the Genoa Township cemetery, which Heavenly Acres managed, and that lease expired on Sept. 30. The cemetery property is owned by Carol Street Park Ridge, an Illinois-based company, and we are making every effort to determine their intent for the property.

If the property is for sale, Heavenly Acres will lead the efforts to purchase the property and save the cemetery. We refuse to sit back while the fate of the cemetery is in limbo. We encourage anyone interested in helping us save the cemetery to contact Shari Pollesch at 810-227-3100, or sign our petition, and demand a statement from Carol Street Park Ridge.

Personal story
More than 74,000 beloved pets have been laid to rest on this property. Like many of you, we have buried our own companions in the cemetery. Closing the cemetery is not something we stand with, and this act does not accurately reflect our passions and beliefs at Heavenly Acres. The property holds a special place in our heart for many reasons, and we’re going to continue doing everything in our power to ensure the future of the cemetery.