Massive overhaul of funding of the Australian Acute Mental Health Care System

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Stand Proud & Demand what the most vulnerable in the community deserve!

 A broad sweeping change needs to happen with the important issues in relation to serious mental Illness ie acute mental illness.  What needs to happen! Well - facilities &  services, community support & carer support need to be improved, funding increased & accountability structured in.  

The community needs to understand that most mental health funding currently goes to early intervention mental health support. This is great & they do a great job! Acute mental health services have very little funding which means those with serious mental health illness’s are missing out on the care they deserve. It is fact that they are dying. It’s a hidden dirty secret... linked with shame. 

I care because I have a bipolar 1 son and Sutherland Shire Public Hospital don’t know how to look after him & dont have the resources & facilities to keep him safe.  They overmedicated him with benzos 3 times a day, put him in an isolated area consisting of concrete walls & removed all stimulus. 

Come on, share your story and demand that the responsible ministers allocate funding to fix the broken acute mental health system.