Help me stop this!!

Help me stop this!!

October 1, 2020
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Walker County Commissioner Shannon Whitfield
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Why this petition matters

Started by Ali LeCroy

So, the commissioner of Walker County (Shannon Whitfield) hosted a luncheon recently. He brought city and county officials (along with several others) together to "sell them" on a drug rehab facility that wants to open in LaFayette. Unbeknownst to these "friends and guests" at the time, the rehab facility was already under contract on 370+ acres on South Burnt Mill Rd. Right next to the elementary school my children attend. The school in which my children go in the forrest every single day. To say this doesn't seem "appropriate" seems like an understatement. Not only was he trying to "sell them" on this facility, but I feel as if he was trying to "make it okay" before anyone found out about it already being under contract. Pretty sneaky.

This rehab center is ONLY 3,300 feet away from our very own, Gilbert Elementary School. 3,300 feet!

I've seen and heard of many people outraged over the fact that a sex offender can live within 1,000 feet of a school. In my personal opinion, it should be WAY further away than that. And so should a rehab facility that serves as a hub to the southeastern part of the country. 

I understand I will step on a lot of toes with this. But please understand my position as a mother and lifetime local resident in this situation. 

What kind of commissioner let's this happen?! Much less supports it... and wants to FUND IT!

Gilbert Elementary principal, assistant principal, and staff had no idea this was going on. And as far as I know, the superintendent didn't either. Sneaky, sneaky.. yet again. They're not in support of this facility at all. 

A few things you should know about this "rehab" facility..

1. These patients can check themselves in and out anytime they want to. Major red flag!

2. It is not a rehab facility for Walker County citizens.. it is a regional drug rehab center that will host people from all over the state & surrounding states. Say what?!

3. This is not just drug addicts. It's also mental health patients. 

4. They plan to have 1,200+ beds and to be at full capacity day one!

What in the world makes someone think this is okay to open next to an elementary school?!

Please join me in making sure this doesn't happen!!!!! It just isn't right.

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Signatures: 1,458Next Goal: 1,500
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