Allow Rehabilitation of all Orphans as a Result of Trapping and Trophy Hunting!

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Human activity should not cause suffering to the most vulnerable. Currently, policy in Alberta allows trophy hunting and trapping of various species; including, Black Bear, Cougar, Lynx, Bobcat, Wolf, Coyote, just to name a few.  

Just recently, the Alberta Government has written a policy for black bears, so under certain circumstances orphaned cubs may be rehabilitated. This is a positive first step!  But the rest of the listed species, (Grizzly bears are not hunted; however, orphans left behind due to other reasons are still euthanized, even though they are a threatened species) as well as many others, are vulnerable and not yet allowed to be rehabilitated. This means that orphans created due to human interference will be killed by fish and wildlife or left to starve to death or succumb to other forms of inhumane death.  

Injured and killed wildlife that leaves orphans behind is the consequence of many forms of human contact; including, sprawling construction, our vehicles through wildlife habitat, both on our highways and with our off road vehicles, trains, and of course the hunting and trapping.  

Shannon Phillips, Minister of Environment and Parks for Alberta has stated that they will await further requests from organizations and evidence of benefit vs. harm before assessing protocols for the other banned species.  An official petition has already been tabled with the Legislature March of 2018, and thousands of Albertans demanded that the Alberta Government reassess, update, and complete written protocols for all species that are banned under "Schedule A" so that these orphans may be offered the opportunity to be fostered and rehabilitated and released back into the wild.  

There is no reason to wait for further requests.  We appeal that the written protocols, allowing orphaned animals to be rehabilitated, be completed as soon as possible.  

If our Alberta Government chooses to give the green light to hunters to kill the mothers of these babies, the least they can do is look after these orphans when they are left behind. Humans are a constant factor with various causes of death of Alberta Wildlife, resulting in orphans; therefore, it our moral responsibility as Albertans to step in to benefit these orphans. 

Join me in asking Minister of Environment and Parks for Alberta, Shannon Phillips, to allow the innocent orphans of trophy hunting, trapping, and all forms of human interference to be rehabilitated.