The Resignation of Mayor Andrew Ginther and Police Chief Thomas Quinlan

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We, the citizens of Columbus, Ohio, formally request the resignation of Mayor Andrew Ginther and Police Chief Thomas Quinlan.

Both Mr. Ginther and Mr. Quinlan have been negligent in their duty to protect us as citizens of Columbus. They have proven to be lacking in the leadership needed for this pivotal moment in the history of not just our city, but our nation. They have stood by and allowed us and our neighbors to be abused by a corrupt police force, both during the daily protests that have taken place since May 28th and for countless years before.

The behavior of officers this week, plus events such as the murder of 16 year old Julius Ervine Tate, Jr. (2018), the vicious, unchecked reign of the Vice Unit, and the appointing of Mr. Quinlan despite the overwhelming desire of Columbus residents for an outside hire all prove that both the Columbus police department and the mayor’s office lack the tact and ability to address corruption in a meaningful way.

We cannot tolerate this dereliction of duty any longer. Columbus is capable and deserving of better, and it's past time that we, it's people, demand it.