Help save regional jobs & YOUR regional businesses before it’s too late!

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Covid-19 is sadly affecting people’s jobs all over the country where businesses have lost work.

In Nelson Air NZ has a standalone business, Air NZ Regional Maintenance, that maintains the Turboprop aircraft of Air NZ.  Covid-19 has NOT directly impacted the Nelson base and they still did have plenty of work to continue.

However Air NZ has proposed to take this work from the region of Nelson and relocate to its bigger Christchurch base, as that base has lost work. So Air NZ's Nelson base has not been directly affected like the majority of the country by Covid-19, Air NZ are choosing to take this work - that’s the difference.

This means approx 100 jobs will be lost in Nelson and is estimated to have at least a $10 million impact to Nelson and the “Top of the South” economy, and also impact the many smaller businesses that rely on the Nelson base’s flow-on work.

The Government says it wants to preserve jobs, but as a 52% owner of Air NZ, the Government itself is NZ’s largest single employer in NZ to lay off the most staff, estimated at 3500.

If you live in Nelson, own a business, or support a business in Nelson this will impact you in some negative way.

Nelson is the last Regional base Air NZ has left, all others have been closed. Air NZ and the Government (the majority shareholder in Air NZ) have a responsibility to all of NZ to promote and develop Regional NZ.

You can help! Please support us by signing this petition asking Air NZ and the Government to uphold their responsibilities to Regional NZ and reconsider this proposal.

Please hurry as we only have one week until the 30th April to make a difference, thanks for your support and please forward this petition to anyone else that would like to protect regional jobs.