Get bobby burns off Shane Dawson’s channel

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After reading so many comments about Bobby Burns taking over sundays on Shane Dawson’s channel, the subscribers of Shane Dawson have put together this petition. Hopefully it will be seen by Shane and he can understand we are unhappy with Bobby. Bobby came into Shane’s life after making a video about Shane and making rude comments about his content. Well, Bobby, after watching your videos we can all say, you have horrible (x8) content. We are tired of seeing you on Shane’s channel when you have your own channel. Shane thought we would like you, but he thought wrong.  So many supporters of Shane are turning against each other because we do not like Bobby. There is a divide happening among Shane’s fans all because of one person: Bobby. Sign this, and hopefully Shane will notice it and take action!


(Ps maybe switch bobby for Morgan because she’s all around loved by everyone and she’s fucking hilarious)