Original Bring Back Goodnight Sweetheart

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In 1993 we were first introduced to Gary Sparrow and the cast when Goodnight Sweetheart aired for the first time and by the end of the first series millions of people were dying to see what gary got up to next.

Over the following 6 years more and more people fell in love with Gary,Reg,Phoebe,Yvonne and the very loveable Ron right up until the day the very last episode was broadcast in 1999.

Since then its huge following has continued and its popularity has never died yet despite various attempts by fans to bring it back this has never achieved its return. around 4 years ago a brand new project determine one way or another was born to bring back our beloved series and this year we got our wish when it was announced that a one off special was to be made.

This leads us to this petition, We believe that we have a huge chance to bring this back to a full series but we can not do this without your support. If you love goodnight sweetheart as much as we do then please please sign this petition and share this link everywhere so we can show the BBC that there is a huge following desperate to see it brought back permanently. you can also follow the project via the following links:

https://www.facebook.com/groups/162949813848169/ - Facebook Group

http://www.goodnight-sweetheart.net/ - Bring Back Website

Gary has made a triumphant return in this one off special to be aired on 2nd september at 9pm so lets turn his new adventure into multiple adventures.


Shane Woodward and the bring back Goodnight Sweetheart team

Our Declaration : I am signing this petition because i would love to see another full series of Goodnight Sweetheart because it ended to soon and i want to see more of Gary’s adventures.

Thank you for Supporting our campaign and i hope you come view our web site and join our group on Facebook.