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I’ve been a fan of Shake Shack for years and often frequent the location in midtown on 8th Ave. Through the years I’ve also been trying to dine with more socially responsible restaurants, which is why I’m boycotting Shake Shack. After learning about where Shake Shack sources their food, I’ll be choosing to dine with companies like Chipotle.

I learned that specifically, Shake Shack has failed to make a clear public commitment to boycott gestation crate farms for all pork. These farms keep mother pigs in crates called “gestation crates” which are barely larger than their own bodies. Once inside these crates, the mother pigs can’t walk or even turn around. They will be repeatedly impregnated and forced to live in these barren cages for up to four years until they either die or can no longer produce children at a profitable rate.

The eggs at Shake Shack aren't any better. They continue to use eggs from hens kept in battery cages. Battery cages are tiny wire cages where hens are packed so tightly together that they can't even spread out a single wing.

I mean, wow, it’s nearly 2016! I’ve been seeing all over news websites about companies left and right going cage free, why does Shake Shack think it’s okay to continue supporting cage farms? Nearly every other major fast food chain, food manufacturer, and food service provider have also committed to moving away from cage farms.

Please sign my petition and urge Shake Shack to get with the times and completely stop sourcing food from cage farms globally. Thank you!"

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