FMGs internship crisis in kerala for the sake of private college students.

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I am a medical student who did my studies abroad like the thousands who do so every year from MCI approved universities all over the world. Like many others i didn't intend to do my MBBS abroad. Circumstances lead me to it such as the limited number of government seats at the time and management seats being unaffordable even with loans.

I write this letter on behalf of foreign medical graduates in Kerala to bring to your attention certain problems we are facing. According to the rules set by the Medical Council of India, any person who has studied for MBBS or an equivalent degree outside India must appear for and clear the Foreign Graduate Medical Examination (FMGE) and can only then register with the state medical council and practise medicine. This is the case in every state in India except Kerala. Apart from clearing the FMGE, the Travancore - Cochin Medical Council (TCMC) also requires an additional 1 year compulsory internship/ house surgency to be done in one of the District/General hospitals in Kerala.

Now the problem is despite following all these rules we face an unfair amount of obstacles and prejudice along the way mainly in the form of delay in the proceedings every step of the way.

It takes the TCMC 3 to 4 months to issue our provisional registration number (valid for 1 year) while other states barely take a month.
When we applied for the internship at the district hospitals after obtaining the provisional registration number, we are told that we'll have to wait for another 4 to 5 months to join as there are no vacancies at the moment.
Taking into account that the FMGE takes place only every 6 months and another 2 months to get our result and now an additional 4-5 month waiting period to join, we have to wait for over a year inspite of already having our degree just to start the internship while our friends from other states have already started working in hospitals.

The hospital authorities outright told us that they are giving preference to those who applied from other private medical colleges in the state.
Given that other applicants from private colleges have a primary option to do house surgency in their college hospital and that we foreign graduates have no other choice to do this compulsary internship in the state, this "preference" is unjustifiable.

We are told that after the 1 year house surgency there is an additional delay of 5-6 months to obtain our permanent registration number. All these delays not only cause us setbacks to pursue a post graduate degree but also cause us financial strains as most of us have educational loans which have now increased by two fold.

Unfortunately we will now also have to put in extra paperwork or pay fines inorder to extend the 1 year validity of the provisional registration number.
So I humbly request the Health Ministry to look into these issues to speed up the unnecessary delays and also adress the biased nature of receiving applications for internships in government hospitals.



1. Increase the internship seat in hospitals in Kerala

2. Allow to do internship in states other than Kerala like those medical students from Kerala who’re doing MBBS outside Kerala. 

3. Come up with a standard online system to allot interns in hospitals rather than students running from one end of the state to other just to check if there’s vacancy, to apply for internship and to know their status. 

4. Avoid delaying of issuing of provisional and permanent registration by TCMC.

5. No prioritising of students who did MBBS outside Kerala to do internship in Kerala


Being born and brought up here in Kerala, our dreams and goals are no different than the medical aspirants who have studied in the state.
Hoping you will do the needful,
Yours sincerely,