Urge the Pakistani Government to Protect Children from Abuse

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Whilst Pakistan is still shaken from the brutal rape and murder of Zainab, a new case of child abuse emerges.

9-year-old Hussain is beaten to death by cleric for fleeing his religious school in Karachi.

Being subject to physical punishment was nothing out of the ordinary for little Hussain, but this time his attacker Qari Najmuddin allegedly beat him to death with a blunt weapon.

The parents of the young boy allegedly ‘pardon’ the cleric for murdering their son - This culture of protecting so called 'religious ministers' or 'clerics' is part of the problem.

Beating children is NOT an Islamic principle. Urge the Pakistani government to protect children like Hussain in schools in Pakistan by having CCTV footage and demanding justice any time an adult lays a finger on a child.

We have already lost a beautiful soul to a distorted view of religion.

How many more? 

"Anyone who does not show mercy to our children nor acknowledge the right of our old people is not one of us." - Prophet Muhammad. (PBUH)