A request to SRK for signing up for Dhoom 4.

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Dear Shah Rukh Khan Sir,

You are unquestionably the biggest movie star on Planet Earth. The size of your fanbase is unmatchable. You are known for wits, humour, talent and humanity. All of us have always been there for you. However, recently, your films have not done well at the box office for want of a nice storyline. 

Despite being the King Of Bollywood, your recent films have inadvertently failed to make a mark on Bollywood. 

However, we have seen your prowess over method acting in movies like Dear Zindagi and cameos in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and Tubelight. We see that you are experimenting with your movies and that you wish to better yourself with every movie. 

What you do is completely your choice and we'll always be with you. This petition to you is merely trying to reach you where every fan urges their desire for you to sign up the movie Dhoom : 4. 

The following are the reasons we feel you should sign up for Dhoom 4. 

1. The previous movie was a horrible one and yet it managed to rake in 542 Crores Worldwide. The movie had copied various aspects from movies like The Prestige and failed miserably at it.

2. When you are good, you are very Good. But when you're bad, you're the best! 

3. It will be thrilling to watch and it'll be a big crowd-puller since everyone would love to watch such a thriller.

4. It'll be a fitting reply to haters who keep babbling about the choice of your films and your box office collections. 

5. Casting you will be a flagship for the Dhoom franchise because Mr. Amir Khan's movies earn due to content and not because of a fanbase as big and vast as yours. 

6. Your standalone movie Raees saw an unprecedented craze which shall never be seen in years to come. Just imagine the waves Dhoom 4 with SRK will bring in... 

People have seen the craze for Shah Rukh Khan, and we, your fans, think it's time to remind them who the Baadshah is...


This is a heartfelt request to Shah Rukh sir to agree for Dhoom 4.


Thank you!