Enhancing Scope of Motor Vehicle Act 2019 to Penalise Failures of Govt. Authorities

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Sh. Nitin Jairam Gadkari,
Minister for Road Transport & Highways of India.

Subject: Enhancing Scope of Motor Vehicle Act 2019 to Penalise Failures of Govt. Authorities.

We must encourage citizens to follow all Traffic Guidelines and Rules as per the New Motor Vehicle Act. 2019 as the New #MotorVehicleAct 2019 comes into effect from 1st Sept' 2019 (Today). Requesting Hon. Minister of Road Transport & Highways  Sh. Nitin Gadkari to immediately make provisions to add below fines to the current Motor Vehicle Act. In my opinion Govt. Authorities must also be penalised for their failures equally and made accountable towards the loss of lives of citizens.

1. Fine Contractors & Govt. Authorities for Potholes

2. Fine Contractors & Govt. Authorities for No/Missing/Not Working Street Lights & Traffic Lights

3. Unfinished/Delay in Patchwork by Govt Agencies in case of work on Road

4. High Beam violation within City Limits

5. Animal Intrusions

6. Weight Limit Violations on Roads

7. Fine Corrupt Police Officials who take Bribes, we often find Traffic Police at isolatd places far away from CCTV Cameras at their own convenient fixed spots (Stringent Action Must here)

8. Fine Toll Operator for Significant Mismanagement causing Traffic Jam, Pollution and Non Functional Automatic Boom Barriers

9. Fine responsible Authorities on missing proper Road Signs before Speed Breakers etc as most Accidents occur at these places

10. Fine Govt. Authorities for not removing electricity poles present in middle of road running great threat to commuters life

11. Fine Authorities for Unfinished or No Zebra Crossing

12. Fine Authorities / Contractors for installing poles obstructing the view of Traffic Signals

13. Fine Politicians / 3rd Party for putting up illegal hordings obstructing Traffic Signals

The above fines must be decucted from their Salaries.

If I missed out anything please add your views/points in comments. I'll consolidate the same and share with Hon. Nitin Gadkari Sir.

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Thank You,
Prakhar Sahay