Protect the 'Steel Sprouts' at the AIIMS Flyover

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The Steel Sprouts at the AIIMS flyover intersection have been an intriguing and amusing installation. They were set up in 2008. The Delhi Government’s Public Works Department, which sanctioned the installation, said that its design represented the country’s growth and showcased Delhi as a ‘world city’. It has been part of our life for a decade now and the plan to remove it propagates new issues - 
  1. Gentrification - The plan of the NDMC is to install yet another fountain or yet another statue installation. "As per the new plan, a large muti-layered fountain will be created with the installation of an artefact or some iconic figure at the top," said the NDMC chair to HT. This is a problem because Delhi is in the midst of major reforms with the setting up of new metro lines and constant construction which has been booming. There is widespread gentrification that has been taking place, and we need to find our voice in the future of how our city is seen. Removal of this art installation is another step towards gentrification, especially with the installation of another random fountain which would just use up a precious resource like water or be defunct in 1 year and thus it would have no significance.

    The installation of another 'traditional' iconic figure would just be simple politicisation and it is imperative we take action now before the supporters of an iconic figure are pulled into this debate and this debate is politicised in the wrong direction.
  2. Discouraging of Urban Art - The future of our resident artists, the artistic inclination of our city and it's perception, to not just the world but, us as inhabitants is in our hands. We should be promoting these aspects positively and not by the removal of something that has the ability to generate conversation and opinion. Engaging with art is a good practice that has been symbolic of this city's history. The 'Steel Sprouts' allow people to have their own opinions. It does not exist in a vacuum and that is a good thing about art. The installation of another fountain will have a negative impact on not only the entire setting of the geographical location but somewhere it will deter our artistic curiosity and most definitely discourage art.

    What we request of the NDMC is to not only reconsider their stance on the 'Steel Sprouts' but also promote local art, by installing more art produced by local artists.

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