Stop Fireworks at The Golden Temple.

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Every Gurpurab, Diwali, Visakhi or other holy days of the Sikh community, the sgpc that is the management committee of The Golden Temple organises large scale fireworks to celebrate the evenings. This pollutes the air around and also the holy water- sarovar and the premises of the shrine. When the holy book, the Guru Granth Sahib says that "Pawan Guru Pani Pita, Mata dhart mahat" (Air is the Guru, water is the father and this Earth, our mother) why pollute them?

The Golden Temple should lead by an example and should plant trees instead.

This money can be invested in building hospitals, serving the humanity, educating the masses and helping the poor. We should be inspired by the works of Khalsa Aid and the Guru Nanak Forest NGOs and lead the way to a better society. 

Dear SGPC, the world looks upon you, you have the power to inspire many and to bring in the revolutionary changes. The world looks upon the community whenever they are in need of help. 

Banning fireworks from the premises will add more glory to the Guru's teachings. Let's start the change, together.