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SGI proposed motorcycle insurance rate increase: Re-evaluate the proposed increase of motorcycle insurance in Saskatchewan


There are an estimated 25,000 motorcycles registered in Saskatchewan as of 2012 and beginning late summer of 2013 SGI is proposing an insurance rate increase of an average of 73%. The highest increase being 459% increase in insurance. Many individuals cancel plates, or park their winter vehicles and ride motorcycles for increased fuel economy and decreased environmental pollution. If the rate increase goes through many riders won't be able to afford the extra insurance and will be forced to drive whatever other vehicle they have. It has been mentioned that this increase is to pay for the motorcylce accidents but by the 2010 reports they have made available to the public, motorcycles accounted for 0.65% of vehichles involved in accidents and only 2.26% of injury claims comparable to 50.6% and 49.9% respectively in passenger cars. With enough momentum we can make them rethink this increase and make it something that will work for all of us. Please sign and share with everyone you know. Thank you.

Letter to
Saskatchewan Rate Review Panel Saskatchewan Rate Review Panel
Saskatchewan Government Insurance SGI
Premier of Saskatchewan Brad Wall
We the people would like you to consider what you are doing by allowing the SGI rate increase proposal to go through. With an estimated 25,000 motorcycles in Saskatchewan, creating rate hikes like this will possibly lose the crown that many vehichles licensed in a year instead of make them the massive amount of extra income that would be expected. As well as losing the funds from motorcycles, riders with extra insurance through SGI (IE Home, business, etc.) would likely take that business elsewhere in turn causing loss of profit again for a subsidiary company. When said loss happens who will be there to pay the difference then? Will SUV owners be forced to pay 400% more for their insurance? This forced rate hike should be seriously thought out and some facts as to why motorcycles only have been pointed at so fiercely should be shared with the people. The latest stats the public has been allowed to see from 2010 show a mere 0.65% of vehichles involved in accidents are motorcylces. Maybe heavier fines should be pointed at the 50.6% passenger cars that are involved in accidents. Something must be done to stop this.

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